Kaylen Ward, an Instagram model from the United States of America, has become a hot topic of interest on the internet. And the sudden rise in popularity is because of her compassionate heart. As Australian wildfires raise the alarm, Kaylen is one of the many to do their bit to help the ones in need. However, her approach may not seem mainstream to many. Kaylen Ward decided to trade her explicit nude photos to raise donations for victims of Australian bushfires. Sadly, the girl faced resistance from the Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform that went ahead and deactivated her account. Yes, there is no official Kaylen Ward Instagram account, but she has tweeted (her handle TheNakedPhilonthropist/@lilearthangelk) her ONLY REAL Instagram account. Meanwhile, the searches for keywords like Kaylen Ward nude photos, Kaylen Ward XXX photos, X-rated Kaylen Ward pics, Kaylen Ward Reddit, Kaylen Ward Instagram nudes, Kaylen Ward Twitter, Kaylen Ward naked pics, Kaylen Ward X-rated images and so on has increased and how. Instagram Model Kaylen Ward Posts Nude Selfies and X-rated NSFW Photos to Raise Donations for Australian Bushfire Victims, Account Deactivated.

The 20-year-old claimed she had raised more than AUD$500,000 for Australian bushfire charity. Kaylen did by sending nude photos and selfies to people who would donate for this good cause. Sadly, all of this came at a price for the Instagram model as her family disowned her following this step. However, Kaylen did not regret her call one bit. Sadly, her big-heartedness failed to sync in with Instagram's strict no-naked policy leading to Kaylen Ward's Instagram account getting deactivated. She first notified of her Instagram accounts getting deactivated by tweeting from her handle @TheNakedPhilonthropist, "My IG got deactivated, my family disowned me, and the guy I like won't talk to all because of that tweet but f*** it, save the koalas." Now according to Instagram's Community Guidelines page, sharing photos, videos and digitally-created content that depict genitals, close-ups of fully-nude butt, sexual intercourse which can get your account shut down. However, there are several examples in the past that makes Instagram's policy debatable.

Now, while Kaylen Ward's Instagram accounts (twice) has been flagged and pulled down, there are several fake profiles with her name that has sporadically popped up on the platform. Kaylen, who earlier clearly stated in a tweet of having no verified Instagram account has now updated her fans of having a real account. Kaylen writes, "My only real Instagram at the moment is http://Instagram.com/kaylenschaleenward…everything else is a fraud. (now-deleted tweet)." She had previously posted a snapshot of reportedly fake accounts. Interestingly, Kaylen Ward does not have verified Twitter account as well.

Kaylen Ward's Tweet on Raising Money For Australian Bushfires

The island continent-nation is witnessing horrific destruction with every passing day. From flora and fauna to humanity, everything has taken a hit. We come across distressing pictures and videos of koalas, kangaroos and other wildlife animals striving hard to survive the worst. In most cases, they have not made out alive, and it is making everyone's skin crawl. And in this time of distress, everyone is joining hands to combat Australian bushfire. From public figures like tennis players Maria Sharapova, Nick Kyrgios, Novak Djokovic and others to common people, everyone is trying their help Australia. Model Kaylen Ward aka The Naked Philanthropist's method may seem odd, but one should not question her intentions.

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