Labrador Charlie Swallows Two Teddy Bears! Vets Release Pictures of the Risky Surgery
Labrador Charlie Swallows Two Teddy Bears (Photo Credits: Taverham Vets)

Your furry friend at times can really engage itself into big troubles. Owning a dog could solve all your problems, but you must keep a strict watch at them. Our mischievous pets are popular to find ways to occupy their time that sometimes can potentially harm them in return. Much like this black Labrador retriever Charlie who was taken to the vet after his owners suspect he had digested something that he should not have. After performing an X-ray, it was discovered that he had swallowed two teddies. Vets released the pictures of the teddy bears removed from Charlie's stomach. Thank goodness that the surgery was successful. Chihuahua Accidentally Consumed Marijuana Edible! Video of Stoned Dog Goes Viral. 

The naughty dog was feeling stuffed after biting off more than he could chew the pair of soft toys. His concerned parents, from Norwich, England took the 11-year-old puppy to the Taverham Vets. During the initial X-ray, his stomach was showing full of something, and the doctors supposed it to be food. Instead of jumping into a conclusion, the vets decided to keep Charlie under observation. Nothing inside moved in another 24 hours. The vets decided to investigate further. Bus Driver in Chile Allowed a Stray Dog to Ride in Bus Because it Was Cold, Watch Heart-warming Video!

Vet performing the surgery on Charlie


Vet performing the surgery on Charlie (Photo Credits: Taverham Vets)

Vet Alice Watson told the Vet Times, “On his initial x-rays, his stomach looked very full of food, but there was no obvious sign of obstruction, so we kept him in for 24 hours on fluids for further monitoring. We repeated the x-rays the next day after he vomited again overnight despite treatment and his stomach was still full of ‘food’, despite 36 hours-plus of not eating.”

Teddy bears which were removed from Charlie's stomach. 

Teddy bears which were removed from Charlie's stomach (Photo Credits: Taverham Vets)

After they opened him up, they were shocked. To what was suspected to be food, turned out to be teddy bear, not one but two. Dr Watson added in the same report, “We opted to take him to surgery where we removed not only one, but two teddy bears which turned out to be what had looked like food on his x-rays. His stomach was absolutely massive and full of these pieces of the teddy bear. We thought it might be fun to wash the teddy bears, which you can see in the photos.” The entire procedure has been successful, and Charlie is reported to be making a full recovery. Meanwhile, pet parents must note the above incident and try to keep a strict watch at them to avoid such dangerous situations.