Laura Bush Gives Candy to Michelle Obama Via George W Bush at Memorial Ceremony For John McCain, Watch Video
Video grab of the incident from Twitter

Former First Lady Laura Bush was seen giving a candy to Michelle Obama at a memorial ceremony held for Republican Sen. John McCain. The video of the moment is going viral on social media. As seen in the video, Laura Bush passed on a piece of candy to Michelle Obama with a little help from her husband and former President George W Bush. The action of Laura Bush is being hailed as the best example of bipartisanship.

In the video, George W Bush can be seen taking a small item — believed to be a mint or a piece of candy — from his wife Laura and deftly passing it to Michelle, who whispers "thank you." Barack Obama, who was sitting next to Mitchelle, also noticed that Bush hands over somthing to his wife. Though, Mitchelle and Bush hail from different political parties, they reportedly enjoy a close friendship.

Following the incident, many people on Twitter calls it a show of friendly bipartisanship badly needed in politics. "I'd like to think that moments like this between W. Bush and Michelle Obama are what McCain was hoping for," one user noted. Another Twitter user claimed that the exchange between the Michelle, Bush, and Laura was "warming my heart."