Lesbian Couple Mistaken for Grandma-Granddaughter Get Married, Unaffected By the 37-Year-Age Gap (See Wedding Pics, Videos)
Lesbian couple with 37-year-old age gap get married (Photo Credits: Julia Zelg Instagram)

A lesbian couple with a 37-year age gap got married recently in London. YouTubers Julia Zelg met her partner Eileen De Freest on Tinder a year ago. They said they connected because of her 'intelligent profile'. While the couple is often mistaken for grandmother and granddaughter, they have no age-related issues. However, 24-year-old Julia and 61-year-old Eileen worry that one of them may outlive the other one, but are not letting the thought affect their relationship. Also, the couple doesn't let others judgement affect their relationship. After getting married, Julia took Eileen's last name.

Julia proposed to Eileen during a gig in London, following which during a holiday in Brazil, Eileen proposed to Julia. The couple then flew to Julia's home country Brazil where they met her mother, who is eight years younger than Eileen. The family was happy with the choice their daughter had made. Women Cricketers Hayley Jensen And Nicola Hancock from New Zealand, Australia Get Married (See Picture)

Metro quoted Julia as saying, "When I saw Eileen in person for the first time, I was just in awe of her because she is just the most gentle and lovely person ever. We are super happy that quite a few people came from different countries for our wedding. We are very, very grateful they are here."

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Earlier this year, talking about their relationship, the couple told Metro, "We're an ordinary couple in love. We face the same struggles as everyone else. We’re two women in a relationship with a very large age difference, we face struggles unique to our uncommon dynamic." USA Teammates and Lesbian Couple Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris to Get Married in December!

Congratulations Julia and Eileen!


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They added, "Although we make no judgment about anyone else, we don’t focus on our age difference but rather our exquisite similarities. We have the good fortune to have an extraordinary bond and attraction, the likes of which I’ve never experienced before. Although neither of us is religious, we both feel blessed to have found one another."

Julia who is a lifestyle blogger, has documented their relationship journey on her channel. She often talks about their stories online and the passion they have for music, other than their love for fashion and colourful hair among other things.