Man Arrested For Trying to Smuggle Cocaine Worth USD 34,000 Under His Wig at Barcelona Airport (See Pictures)
Man tries to smuggle cocaine on his head (Photo Credits: Policía Nacional Facebook)

Drug smugglers are known for being extremely innovative in ensuring their stuff reaches the right place at the right time. And one such loyal smuggler who was being at its creative best was arrested by police at Barcelona's International Airport. The Colombian man who was arriving from Bogota was arrested for hiding cocaine worth USD34,000 under his wig. He was held as he "looked nervous" and was wearing an oversized wig under his hat. On being searched, police found a package of cocaine stuck on his head. His large hairpiece was one of the major reasons that made the officials suspicious about him. Bengaluru: Woman Tries to Smuggle Drugs Concealed in Sanitary Pads to Qatar, Arrested.

The police released a statement saying, "There is no limit to the inventiveness of drug traffickers trying to mock controls." They also attached the photo of a middle-aged man wearing the toupee with his eyes blocked. He was caught while arriving on a flight from Bogota in Colombia. The photos show a dark-coloured toupee sticking several inches above his head, making it look very odd. It's the strange-looking hair that rose suspicion among the police. Drug Peddlers Try To Smuggle Khat Leaves As Green Tea; Get Caught By Directorate of Revenue Intelligence.

Check Out Pictures of the Man Who Tried to Smuggle Cocaine Tied on his Head:

Spain is one of Europe's main entry points for Colombian cocaine. Often, passengers who behave nervous or weird are caught as they try to smuggle small quantities of the drug through airport immigration. There have been cases when people have strapped drugs to their abdomen hoping to get it through immigration.