Never Underestimate Your Grandfather! Kid Learns Who Is the Boss in This Epic Basketball Move (Watch Viral Video)
Grandfather VS Grandson Basketball Game (Photo Credits: Video Screengrab/ @gurpreetdhillon/ Twitter)

Underestimating anyone you know of any age is not good. Especially people who are in their old age. You may not know what great skill that person might be hiding from you. After all, they have seen the world grow more than you. A recent video going viral has taught us all this important lesson in life, once again. An Indian origin kid from Canada, who is a young basketball enthusiast never knew this hidden skill of his grandpa and often unknowingly underestimated him. In the viral clip of Grandpa vs Grandson, the 10-year-old just learned who is the real boss in the epic basketball move. Best Brother Ever! This Video of A Brother Encouraging His Sister to Play Basketball is so Heartening. 

The Indian family, residing in Ontario in Canada seems to be basketball enthusiasts. Twitter account @gurpreetdhillon, is a basketball player, whose 10-year-old son is preparing himself to master this skill. According to the video, it appears that there was a $20 bet (per shot) between the kid and his grandfather to shoot a basketball from a distance. His grandpa can be seen to instruct the little one, but he ignored and finally was unable to shoot. Next turn was his grandpa’s. He opened his jacket and gave it to Gurpreet before shooting the basketball like a pro! Internet is super impressed by the move and so the little kid.

“My 10 year old son still hasn't learned his lesson to never underestimate his grandfather's basketball skills!! Now he's down $20!!” reads the tweet.

Watch the Viral Video:

The tweet garnered thousands of views, retweets and comments, with people praising the grandfather. Check out some reactions below.


He Learnt His Lesson, Though!

When the Jacket Came Off!

Well, it appears that the turbaned Punjabi kid must have learnt a very big lesson in this innocent match. We hope, he is learning to ace some more basketball moves with his grandpa and father.