An old video of Texas Mayor caught farting on tape is doing the rounds online. There have been numerous instances of politicians embarrassing gaffes that have been caught on video. But in 2015, in Georgetown, Texas Mayor Dale Ross forgot to turn off the microphone when he went to use the washroom. While in the washroom, Ross was passing the wind while urinating and all the sounds were heard on the outside. As Rachael Jonrowe tried her best to ignore the fart sounds, even she could not help but giggle on. This old video has resurfaced online and is going viral once again on Twitter. And this time netizens are wondering if he washed his hands. Fart Disrupts Debate at Kenyan Assembly! Speaker Suspends Proceedings Due to Foul Smell.

In February 2020, Donald Trump retweeted the video, which once again got it in the limelight. And looks like, how much ever Dale may want to forget about it, the internet won't let him. The video has once again been shared online on Twitter, this time giving it an angle of Coronavirus meeting! The original meeting was also about infectious disease. Mayor Pro Tem Rachael Jonrowe was speaking on an antibiotic-resistant infectious disease just before Mayor Dale excused himself to go the washroom. But he forgot to switch off his microphone and definitely wasn't too quiet as he peed. His continuous farts were heard on the mic to everyone. Ugandan Man's Farts Can Kill Mosquitoes 6 Miles Away, Hopes to Get Hired by Insect Repellent Company (Watch Video).

Watch The Video of Mayor Caught Farting on Tape in Texas:

We bet you can't stop laughing too. The video has got over 6 million views and 3,400 retweets. As funny as the video is, the comments are also hilarious with some people wondering if he washed his hands. Check how Twitterati reacted.

Laughing Till Tears

Where's the 20 Second Washing?

Made Someone's Day

Perfect GIF?

This Comment!

A lot of people were concerned if he washed his hands, because there was just the sound of flushing. Well, the video is not recent from the time of Coronavirus as some of them have shared it with. But the concern if he washed his hands still remains.

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