Pizza-Loving Dog in Mexico Pretends to Be Stray to Get Free Slices While Wearing a Tag, ‘Don’t Give Me Pizza’ (View Pics)
Pizza-Loving Dog in Mexico (Photo Credits: Estrella CR/ Facebook)

There is no denying about the unconditional love almost all of us have towards pizza. It is the perfect food for everyone! So much that even our furry friends just can’t control their cravings for it. And you cannot blame dogs for loving the holy trinity of cheese, dough and tomatoey goodness. Recently, the internet came across to a cutest post. One dog in Mexico City is now appearing on every headline for managing to get himself pizzas from strangers so much that he happens to wear a tag asking people not to feed him any of its slices. Husky Dog Saved Seven Kittens From Dying and Now Acts Like Their Mother. 

Buzzfeed discovered the dog who is identified as ‘El Jefe’ (The Chief). He sits outside Little Caesars Pizza and stares at the customers inside with his puppy-eyes until they come out to give him some of their pizza. However, he is not in need of food. The Chief is the beloved pet of the shop owners next door. His little issue is similar to most of us—absolute love for Pizzas. The canine’s pizza consumption has gotten off limit. He has put on a lot of weight, and that is why his owners had to put a tag on his collar that reads, “NO ME DES PIZZA, GRACIAS”, as translated by the media outlet from Spanish to, “Do Not Give Me Pizza, Thank You.” Chihuahua Accidentally Consumed Marijuana Edible! Video of Stoned Dog Goes Viral. 

Take a look at his puppy eyes for Pizza! 

Pizza lovers would completely respect his game. Apart from this, another story was doing rounds where a pet pooch was seen to pretend a stray in order to get free food from McDonald’s customers in Oklahoma City. Her owner took it to Instagram to not get fooled by her puppy eyes. We must say, these dogs have their solid scam on point.