'Pokemon' Grandpa in Taiwan: 70-Year-Old Plays Pokemon Go On 15 Cellphones at a Time!

The video game Pokemon Go saw youngsters going crazy with their phones, chasing around catching Pokemon. While people may have migrated from the game and moved to other newer games, a 70-year-old Chen from Taiwan is very much glued to discovering new Pokemon. His craze has got him the name Pokemon Grandpa who moves around with a bike and attached to it are 15 cell-phones! Pokémon Go Players Are Confused! New Mysterious Nut Head Creature Appears in the Game; View Pics. 

At an age where most elderly prefer only relaxing, Chen San-yuan is already a viral sensation with his dedication. His grandson introduced him to the game and since then Chen loves playing. He has reached the higher levels, starting from just 1 cellphone to now owning 15! He uses so many phones so that he can collect the higher level Pokemon. He has a customised bike over which he can attach his phone and ride. So while he not only makes heads turn to look at his creation, his addiction is equally entertaining.

He loves playing all night at times because he has those custom-made batteries on his phone. He also spends a lot of money, virtual currency to use it in the game. According to Reuter, Chen is no less than a celebrity in his area. He plays the game simultaneously on all 15 of his phones and ensures he reached the higher levels quickly.

The Pokemon Go game became a menace for sometime after its arrival. Those addicted to the game kept playing and catching Pokemon on crossroads, irrespective of traffic rules, resulting in at accidents in some places. Now as the fad of Pokemon Go has comparatively reduced, there is clearly no looking back for Pokemon grandpa!