Pokémon Go Players Are Confused! New Mysterious Nut Head Creature Appears in the Game; View Pics
New Mysterious Nut Head Creature Appears in Pokémon Go (Photo Credits: @Chrales/ @AquaAzeem/ Twitter)

It is not some Tinder ritual; it is Pokémon Go! A legitimate phenomenon that almost everyone is playing. Since its launch in the video game world, it has certainly become a way of life for millions of people with their eyes glued to their phones. Every Pokémon in the in the mobile game was previously introduced in a game from years past. But recently, users came across something very strange. A mysterious, never-before-seen Pokémon spawned in leading to confusion about what exactly it means. It has no name. A nut on its head which resembles Kecleon’s eye, a Gen 3 Pokémon that has not appeared in the Pokémon Go yet and the Ditto-like body with a different colour—that could not be caught. PlayerUnknown’s Battleground: Know Everything About the Most Played Online Multiplayer Game PUBG. 

On September 20, a data miner, Chrales gave us the first glimpse of this new Pokémon's pic on Twitter, while scanning the game’s network traffic. As per reports, many players initially wondered if the new Pokémon was any glitch. While other speculated that the new white Ditto with a hexagonal nut head and a single eye at its centre could be the new species that is supposed to make its debut in Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee for Nintendo Switch on November 16 this year.

Picture of this new mysterious creature on Pokemon Go.

When any player attempts to catch the new Pokémon, which appeared with the name “???” and a Combat Power (CP) rating of “???”, it turns into a Ditto.

This is what is going on the Pokémon Go right now which is uncertain, leaving fans thrilled and frustrated at the same time. Chrales on the other hand, also explained that the unity files of the mysterious Pokémon are tagged with the ID #891. In Gen 7, there are only 802 Pokémon, which hints this is a Gen 8 species. But there is something official and fishy going on with this new creature! We so wait for the final graphic to take away all our confusions.