Pug Dog Gets a Facial Scan And Twitterati is Terribly Scared With Its 'Alien' Look! (Check Viral Pic)
Pug's facial scan (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Taking a pet to the vet is a bit of tension for most pet owners. But a vet visit of a certain pug has managed to scare the hell out of everyone on social media. A picture of a facial scan of a pug's face was shared on Twitter and it looks so scary. The scan looks like its an alien face! While pugs have a distinctly featured face, in the vet scan it looks bizarre, far from that of a dog. The picture is going viral with people giving their shocked reactions on it. French Bulldog Looks a Little Too Adorable Dressed As ‘Chucky’ (Watch Viral Video).

A Twitter user named Andy Richter shared a scan of his friend's pug face. And the internet seems to have a great liking for some bizarre and unusual content. So the picture has gone crazy viral and those who felt pugs are cute may have a differing opinion after seeing this picture. In the scan, the pet looks so scary, resembling an extra-terrestrial creature more. After the picture went viral the user tweeted a normal picture of the pug mentioning that it is doing fine now. This Dog Accidentally Howled Like Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic’ Tune and Twitter Is Going Crazy! Watch Funny Video.

Check The Viral Pic of Pug's Face Scan:

Here's The Regular Pic of The Pug:

The picture has got more than a lakh likes and over 13,000 retweets.

ET Are You Sick?



Pugs Look Like Their X-ray!

A Pug's Reaction to That Would Be...

The Resemblance to Aliens!

This reminds us of another incident when a pet owner from Coventry, West Midlands posted that she thought her dog's nose had fallen off! It was actually the nose of a teddy bear but it looked so similar to her pet's French bulldog that she got scared if there was some accident with her dog.