Pythons Mating on Rooftop in Cairns Crash Through Ceiling Due to Their Weight (View Pics)
Python snakes caught mating (Photo Credits: Facebook)

A couple in Cairns, Australia was horribly shocked when their house roof fell with two massive pythons falling through their roof! It is the breeding season for the snakes in Australia and the two pythons weighing around 40 kgs were mating on the ceiling of the couple's house. As they got into the heat of the moment, the ceiling wall could not bear the weight and started cracking. A snake catcher named Matt Hagan who attended the rescue said it is far from unusual! These Female Snakes Have Sex With More Than 100 Snakes At a Time, Watch Shocking Video of Red Garter Species.

The incident took place in South of Cairns in White Rock. The snakes were about 5 metre long scrub pythons. Veteran snake catcher Hagan said that snakes often go to roof spaces in search of mating places, but rescuing them from top is quiet tricky. He told Daily Mail, "I had two options, one option I had was to use a five metre ladder and climb in but I decided not to do that as it is a bit dangerous." While he tried to make some access point through the roof, the ceiling cracked and fell through, with the snakes landing in the office below. The Cairns Snake Catcher posted the picture on their Facebook page with an appropriate caption. They wrote, "Scrub python mating season is off with a BANG... in the roof." Green Anaconda Snake Gives 'Virgin Birth' to 18 Snakes Despite Living in All FEMALE Company in New England Aquarium.

Check Pics of Two Mating Pythons Rescued From Cairns:

Hagan also mentioned that once the snakes fell through there was complete chaos and he had to subdue them quickly before the situation worsened. The snake breeding season in Australia is from July to late September. He also explained that these big snakes are known to cause damage to property especially when they fight. Two male snakes fight to get a female's attention and they exhibit great strength. So residents of Australia, please be careful and check for your ceilings, if you do not want such creepy encounters.