Rahul Bose Moments to Zombie Chicken Escaping Out of a Plate, Top 7 Viral Videos That Captivated the Netizens This Week
Representational Image (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

We have said it last week, we will say it again and a couple of more times, the internet is the best thing happened to us. Every day we are blessed with amazing videos, making their way to the viral moments on social media platforms. Like every time, this week too, netizens saw some alluring content gathering reactions from the mass and for all good reasons. While some of them were serious, others triggered major awareness from the people online. For example, Indian actor, Rahul Bose’s video on two bananas’ bill of Rs 442 at JW Marriott Chandigarh. Not only the clip urged the state excise team to probe against the GST rates charged by the hotel, but it also paved for various “Rahul Bose Moments,” with people sharing similar stories they have experienced. Again, the video of a raw or “zombie,” as netizens named it, the piece of chicken was seen “coming back to life,” as it escaped out of a plate scared the s***t out of people online. So much to cover, let us quickly take a look at the top seven viral videos that captivated the netizens this week.

1. JW Marriot Chandigarh Charges Rs 442 for Two Bananas

Two bananas cost more than Rs 400 at this fancy five-star hotel, shocked the Indian actor, Rahul Bose. While in Chandigarh for a shoot, the actor ordered for two bananas, after a workout session. He was soon served with a bill that stated Rs 442 for the fruit. He quickly took to his Twitter account ranting about JW Marriott for charging this ridiculous amount for two bananas. His tweet not just triggered an investigation from the state’s excise team, it also paved the way to netizens to share their “Rahul Bose Moments,” containing similar experiences.

2. Angry Girlfriend Smashes Laptop on Boyfriend’s Head

The couple was travelling by flight, when the boy happened to eye on other women around. His girlfriend was quick to notice it. A fight began between the two and the girl ended up smashing the laptop on her boyfriend’s head in anger.

3. Dogs Fighting Snake to Save Baby in the Philippines

Two dogs, namely Moxie and Miley combined to fight a snake (cobra) and killed the serpent before it could hurt a one-year-old baby who was sleeping. But in the process to save the toddler, Miley died, while Moxie lost its eye. The incident took place at the Kidapawan City of Philippines.

4. Six-Year-Old Boram Who Bought £6.4 Million Five-Storey Property

This six-year-old YouTuber had purchased an $8 million (£6.4 million) five-storey property. The little girl has more than 30 million followers and is the face of two YouTube channels Boram Tube ToysReview, and Boram Tube Vlog.

5. ‘Infertile’ Woman Realises She is Pregnant 24 Hrs Before Childbirth

Monica Thompson from the United States was shocked to find out that she was 7.5 months pregnant. After trying to conceive for 16 years with her late husband, she gave up hope and thought she is infertile and cannot be blessed to have a child. But the news came in as a shock and she gave birth, right after 24 hours to a healthy baby boy.

6. McDonald’s Employees Caught Gossiping

So the ordering microphone in the drive-thru of McDonald's was accidentally left on and a customer heard some gossip among employees. The two-minute viral clip, shared online has one employee complaining about a friend who owes her money and others refusing to clean her day off.

7. Zombie Chicken Escaping Out of a Plate

A video showed a piece of raw chicken, “coming back to life” on a dining table. You will not believe it, if don’t see the clip. And thank god, we have the recorded moment going viral. Netizens are calling it the “zombie,” chicken and it is still not clear how this incident was possible.

These were this week’s top seven videos that went insanely viral online. We hope to get more such moments in the coming days to keep ourselves charged up fighting the workweek blues. Till then, enjoy your weekend!