Boram, Six-Year-Old Internet Star Buys a £6.4 Million Five-Storey Property in Korea (Watch Videos)
Six-year-old YouTube star from Korea, Boram (Photo Credits: YouTube)

While you are working 9 hours a day and still not able to pay your rent on time, this six-year-old YouTube star from Korea, has purchased an $8 million (£6.4 million) five-storey property already. Also known as Boram online, the little girl now owns a five-storey property in Gangnam. The little one has more than 30 million and is the face of two YouTube channels – Boram Tube ToysReview, and Boram Tube Vlog. The site estimates her monthly sales as a whopping 3.7 billion won (£2.5 million) and that makes it evident that she is doing a really great job on YouTube. However, she is one of the many children to become a millionaire via YouTube. Just like Ryan ToysReview, who is a 7-year-old internet star and has topped the Forbes Richest YouTubers list in 2018, Boram too has reached an important milestone. Ryan ToysReviews beat stars like PewDiePie, Jake Paul, and Jeffree Star. Highest-Paid YouTubers for 2018: 7-Year-Old Ryan Tops the Forbes List Among Others.

Check Boram Tube ToysReview Video:

Here are Boram's top 5 videos online:

Boram and Pororo Noodle

Morning routine from Boram

Boram Playing with Teletubbies

Boram eats Pororo Black Noodle with her friends

Her YouTube videos receive millions of views on an average. Boram Tube ToysReview that when translated in Korean reads: 보람튜브 토이리뷰 is a YouTube channel dedicated to children and it revolves around reviews of toys and children playing. She also includes other kids in her videos and usually the toys she reviews include cars and other vehicles. 6 YouTubers You Should Follow If You Love Fashion. 

Not just Toy reviews, in her vlogs you get a glimpse of her personal life as well. Some of the videos feature food reviews and the thumbnails used in her videos are quite interesting. Most of the videos are under 10 minutes long, but a lot of the longer videos feature multiple kids.