Saudi Arabia Allows Women and Men to Dance Together at a Public Concert; Videos Go Viral
Saudi Arabia Women & Men Dancing Together at a Public Concert (Photo Credits: @tictoc/ Twitter)

Saudi Arabia is infamous for its stricter rules against women. Just this year in June, video footage of women dancing during a private concert angered the local social media users, who claim, it violates the strict Muslim kingdom’s ‘moral code.’ After this latest outrage over public dancing, it appears that the ultra-conservative kingdom still hopes for a change. Well, the year in its end, witnessed Saudi men and women openly dancing to a live DJ set, showcasing a development that young people said was long overdue in the kingdom. The photos and videos going viral are displays thousands of Saudi youths making up an unsegregated audience. Father-Son Duo Detained For Posing With Indian Flag Inside Haram in Mecca, Released After MEA Intervenes. 

Yes, it was a government-sponsored event! The capital city reportedly is investing in its increasingly ambitious women, who often struggled in the past to pursue professions dominated by men. Under pulsing lights, men and women danced to the bass line of house music French superstar David Guetta. The social change taking place at the conservative country has undeniably brought joy and smiles in all the participants’ faces.

Here Is an Image of the Men and Women Together at the Concert.

Watch Video of Men and Women Dancing Together at a Public Concert

Despite, Prince Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud's suspicious involvement in Journalist Jamal Khashoggi's death, the citizens are lauding his strive to open up the kingdom to forms of western entertainment that Saudi Arabia’s conservatives would have once pronounced as disrespect. Some posted videos of girls dancing in the concert asking if “this was the new Saudi? Is this religious moderation?” Others again viewed the festivities as a clash of generations as the country goes through change.