Siberian Husky Goes Paragliding 3,500 Feet Above Ground With Its Human in Manali! (Watch Video)
Siberian husky goes paragliding (Photo Credits: Daily Mail)

A stunning video of a Siberian Husky paragliding with its human is being shared widely on social media. The dog undertook the adventurous journey in Manali, the popular hill station located in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. The dog named Nawab can be seen sitting calmly with its human Vikash Tyagi as they fly over mountains and trees in the sky. Wearing a red collar, the husky can be seen looking at the breathtaking view beneath them. Nawab and Vikash were accompanied by two pilots on their adventure trip. They flew 3,500 feet above the ground for the journey. Dog Barks & Shoots Butt Water After Too Much of Sea Water Intake While Swimming; Watch Viral Video.

As they go over the rivers and fields, the group of people can be seen smiling for the camera. Vikash also cuddles and pets the dog after taking the plunge. The dog does not seem to be a bit worried about the paragliding and maintains clam like a pro! As they are about to reach the ground, Vikash can be seen waving at some people standing on the ground. Kangaroo Attacks a Paraglider After Immediately Landing in Their Territory, Watch Funny Viral Video.

Watch The Video Below:

Paragliding with one's dog is not a new concept. Multiple times in the past, dog lovers have taken their pets on adventure trips. And it seems these four-legged animals enjoy these activities. Dan McManus who has been flying for 33 years is well-known taking his Australian cattle dog, Shadow on many flying trips. He says his dog always wants to be with him while flying and does not like to be left behind. Various other times in the past, flyers have taken their pet dogs along on their journey.