If you love drinking red wine, then this story is going to be truly heartbreaking for you! Over 50,000 litres of red wine spilled out on the road after a tank exploded at a winery in Spain. The incident took place at a winery in Villamalea when a container used to process the drink got damaged and spilled out all its capacity! The footage of the exploding and spillage of red wine out of the metal tank, leaving all the red wine flooding on the road is shared online. The video is going viral as heartbroken wine lovers see the wastage of their favourite drink! People have reacted with funny reactions to this disastrous sight. Liquor Bottles Worth Rs 72 Lakh Crushed by Road Roller in Andhra Pradesh, Netizens Remember Raees' Scene, While Others Are Becoming Devdas! (Watch Video and Funny Meme Reactions).

The incident took place yesterday, September 25 at the Bodegas Vitivinos in Spain. More details of what exactly caused the damage are not known, but the tank meant to store the drink exploded, resulting in the massive spillage! Workers at the winery could not do much to stop the waste but someone made a video to showcase what it looked like. For all the red wine lovers, it is devastating. The footage has been shared by many people on different social media platforms and it is going viral. People have given some funny reactions as well. Chocolate Covered Road! Truck Carrying Liquid Chocolate Overturned on Polish Highway: View Pics.

Check The Video Here:

Are you crying? Well, you are not alone. The video has crossed over 4 million views and people have some funny reactions to express their sadness at this sight. Check some below:

Contain the Spill

*Licks the Screen*

More Tears

Swimming In


Crying Continues

Can You Smell it Too?

A lot of people have expressed how heartbreaking it is for them to see so much wine go to waste. If you are a red wine lover, you too can feel the pain. This reminds us of similar reactions when a truck carrying toilet papers had crashed on a highway in Texas. It was the time when people were already facing a shortage of the tissues and seeing the damaged rolls had saddened many.

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