Spanish triathlete Diego Méntriga was running at the Santander Triathlon 2020 when he noticed that Britain's James Teagle had taken a wrong turn while the finish line was in sight. Méntriga who was behind him realised Teagle's mistake and waited for him to gift him his spot. The footage of Méntriga letting Teagle go ahead has gone viral garnering praises. While people commended his sportsman spirit, some believed that it wasn't necessary. As the video went viral, people shared their varying opinion on social media platforms. World Athletics Championships 2019: Braima Suncar Dabo Shows True Sportsman Spirit by Helping Injured Rival Racer Jonathan Busby Complete 5000m Marathon (Watch Video)

The video shows Mentriga reducing his pace so that Teagle can go ahead. A grateful Teagle can be seen shaking hand with his fellow athlete before crossing the finish line. The video has received a mixed reaction on social media platforms. Teagle was officially given the third spot with only a fraction of a second being difference between a spot on the podium and losing the place. One of the Twitter users wrote, "No one can doubt the kindness but the nature of the sport is performing whilst fatigued so it wouldn’t have been unkind if he didn’t stop lol clearly it just didn’t mean that much to him lol fair play though on being so thoughtful."

Spanish triathlete Diego Méntriga Giving Britain's James Teagle His Spot:

Another tweet reads, "Should’ve known the course” I’m guessing the people saying this have no idea of the mental and physical exhaustion by the end of a race. This was a moment of true sportsmanship by Diego Méntriga. Shook hands before either one of them crossed the finish line!" Another comment reads, "Not sure I agree. Very confusing setup with those barriers being everywhere creating a sameness of view. After 26 miles and exhausted he should not have been put in that position (imo)."

Here's How Twitterati Reacted:

One of the tweets read, "Winning (or 3rd) in a race doesn't mean you compromise your humanity. No medal is worth that." A tweet appreciating Mentriga reads, "Bravo! What a conscious decent decision in the middle of a race finish. I wud hv crossed line in excitement and focus without even realising how the other guy lost out. What an award young man. (sic)"

Another Point of View:

Praises to Méntriga!

Do You Agree?


The Differences of Opinions Continue:

Javier Gomez Noya, described Mentriga’s sporting display as “the best in history”. Many other international sporting names described Mentriga’s act as a great act of sportsmanship. However, many on Twitter does not share the same opinion.

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