Spider With Human Face Found in Assam, Watch Video of Literal 'Spiderman'!
Spider with human face seen in Assam (Photo credits: Video grab)

Nature can be amazing but sometimes it can get weird too! There are plenty of creatures in this big, wide world and while each of them has their distinct looks, it can get intimidating if any other non-human creature matches human features. The closest we have seen is monkeys and humans, but then there is an evolution to support that theory. But a recent video of a spider is going viral on the internet because it carries a human face! Yes, you read that right, a spider from Koliya area in Assam resembled a human face so much, that it is now being called a Spiderman! It is far away from your superhero. Fish With Pigeon Head Found in China, Watch Video of The Weird Looking Mutant Species!

The spider was found in a house of Vipul Balari and one look at it, it could not be ignored! The body of the spider has a design that exactly resembled a human face. The news of this creature spread like wildfire and people came in from different areas to his house to get a glimpse of 'Spiderman.' The name was given by the locals itself. Do Spiders Produce Milk? Scientists Discover New Jumping Spiders Which Lactate and Nurse Their Babies, Watch Video.

Watch Video of Rare Spider From Assam With a Human Face

So odd right? Once you see it, you just cannot ignore it. It actually looks like a human face is hurrying around. There are constant discoveries with regards to these creatures which habitat our planet. Recently a jumping spider species was found in Kerala by a spider enthusiast from Gujarat. He named this newly discovered species after Capt. Vikram Batra, honouring the Kargil War hero.

There are enough anthropods species in the world and each of them is characterised by the patterns, abilities and looks. Although no scientific information about this particular spider has been reported yet, it could be a one-off rare species that are in existence.