The year 2020 feels no less than a long-running apocalypse movie. As parts of the world continues it battle with the deadly coronavirus, there are wildfires raging in other areas. Oregon and California are the latest to be affected by massive wildfires, which have turned regions into red and orange. The skies turned into hues of deep red and orange with thick smoke and ash blanketing everywhere. Pictures and videos of deep red and orange skies in Oregon and California respectively are being shared online. But a drone footage from San Francisco looks terrifying of them all! The video that shows parts of San Francisco covered in red and orange hue is given the music of 2017 movie Blade Runner 2049 and it fits perfect. It looks like a cinematic start to an apocalyptic movie.

The video was made by a YouTuber Terry Tsai by combining footage from the Bay Area in San Francisco shot by another YouTuber called DoctorSbaitso. The videos were taken on September 9, 2020. The movie Blade Runner 2049 sci-fi movie track fit perfectly to these deep orange skies. The entire region looks painted with an orange splash appearing all eerie. The latest video has been uploaded originally to YouTube and it is being widely shared on Facebook and Twitter as well. Massive Oregon Fires Leave Skies Looking Dangerously Red, Viral Pics and Videos Has People Saying 'End of The World' is Here!

Here's The Tweet:

The video has crossed 4 million views on Twitter and people cannot help but feel terrified at how it looks. Check some reactions.


Oh No!

Colonized Mars Would Look Like This

Beautiful Yet Terrifying

Dying in Style

Here's The Original Video:

What are your thoughts to this? It looks strangely beautiful but also so scary to know that this is not a reel video but real consequence of the wildfires. The firefighters are working hard to contain these fires which are spreading widely due to the strong winds. This fire is among the five to set records for the most land ever burned.

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