If you have watched the Polish erotic movie 365 Dni also known as 365 Days, you might know of the massive popularity, lead actor Michele Morrone has been receiving ever since. Also known as hot mafia don Massimo, given the character he plays in the 18+ movie, has female fans legit drooling over him. The good-looking Michele Marrone has won hearts by his charm and his popular dialogue from the movie, "Are you lost, baby girl?" Women cannot stop making jokes about how much they want to visit Italy and be found by Massimo just like the actress, Laura in the movie did, played by Anna-Maria Sieklucka. 365 days has some really steamy XXX sex scenes that are grabbing headlines, so much so that people were wondering if the cast was actually having sex! The movie is being said to give Fifty Shade of Grey a run for its money.

However, the story revolves around the story of a rich Italian mafia, Massimo who keeps this woman he often dreams about, Laura hostage. He gives her 365 days to fall in love with her and the time they spend shows Massimo doing everything to make her like him back and during this time scenes perfectly capture the sexual tension between two and later some x-rated sex scenes are in store for the viewers. However, women on the internet are going crazy for Michele Marrone and have taken over Twitter to express their fangirl moment in forms of memes, jokes and tweet. Check out the best ones:

Yes, Please

Massimo is Viral on TikTok

@jadaciannearriola##greenscreenvideo But.. I’m ugly soo.. ##fyp ##keepingactive ##365days ##365dni ##365dnimovie ##donmassimo ##massimo

♬ To much love - bxtchtunezz

Christian Grey, Who?


Just Wow

Truer Words Haven't Been Spoken Before

Are You Lost Baby Girl?

The movie, however, has been criticised for romanticising a toxic relationship called the Stockholm Syndrome which sees hostages falling in love with their captors after being around them for some time. It is said to be a dangerous form of relationship.

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