From Delhi's continuous smoggy morning to Mumbai's first home system rickshaw, here is the round up of all the videos that went viral throughout the day.Watch Video Here:

A fun hashtag of #StartAnArgumentIn4Words is trending on Twitter and netizens are doing all that they can to irk people.Check some of the tweets below:

Fun things are shared on the internet and one of them is a picture of a crow sitting amongst a murder of crows, but hanging upside down. The funny picture is going viral and netizens are amused.Check the Viral Pic Here:

After several memes and jokes were made out of what seems to be a fake picture of Mondal's make-up, the artist who worked on the singer's look has now shared a video showing Mondal's transformation. Read the entire story here.

People are sharing funny things to end the statement "gonna tell my kids" and it is going viral. It's been a few days that the memes are doing rounds on the internet, but looks like it is here to stay!Check Meme:

A woman was caught wearing nine pairs of jeans. She had stolen it from a shop and tried to walk away with it. While the exact location of the incident is not known, it is believed to have happened in Peru.Watch The Video Below:

A video of a terrific fight between a leopard and a porcupine has gone viral on social media platforms. The clip was posted on Twitter by Parveen Kaswan of the Indian Forest Service. It seems that the leopard did not know about porcupine's quills which they release to save themselves from predators.Watch The Video Below:

A woman named Toni rescued koalas from live bushfires in Australia's Port Macquarie in New South Wales. Video of the woman risking her life to save the animals to safety has gone viral on social media platforms.Watch The Video Below:

Apocalyptic type scene have been captured in northwest Victoria, as huge swaths of dust swallowed the Australian city of Midura. Video shows the horrible scene raising concerns among netizens.Watch Video:

This video has taken the window shade wars to a whole new level. The clip shows two grown men repeatedly closing and opening the window shade in the most ridiculous Airplane fight. After being unable to come to a conclusion, they called the flight attendant who politely asked all the passengers to keep the window shade open.Watch the Viral Video:
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Hello Thursday, aka the day before the weekend officially begins! On social media, the day is just like any other day for netizens. People have begun the day on a positive note as always, sharing happy thought all around. Social media platforms are filled with people sharing inspirational quotes, pics, images, greetings, GIFs and videos, along with the hashtag, #ThursdayThoughts, #ThursdayFeelings, #ThrowbackThursday and #ThursdayMotivation. Some of these hashtags have thousands of tweets. Same with Facebook and WhatsApp where people are sharing "Good Morning" texts, Images, Quotes and GIFs to the loved ones. While we wait for more videos and pictures get on the trending page, we promise you to bring them to you via this viral live blog so that you have everything you need to see at one place.

It is World Hello Day today which is an interesting day to celebrate and netizens are sharing ways they say hello in different languages. It is also World Television Day today and today when the world is dominated by Netflix, people share their nostalgic moments about TVs. It is also World Philosophy Day celebrated across the world today and netizens are sharing their best philosophical quotes on social networking sites.

Apart from this, cute kids and animal videos have their regular share of presence on social media and honestly, we aren't complaining. We love to watch these cute, viral videos again and again that take over social media and we will make sure you don't miss any of them. Well, that is all about now, we will share with you anything that comes on the trending page, across all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc. Whatever trends on social media will be at your fingertips.