Among all the cute and funny videos of animals that trend online, a creepy video has been shared online. The video shows a hairy pet lizard enjoying its first time in the park. At a point the lizard hits into the camera, don't say we did not warn you. The creepy video is going viral on Twitter.Check the viral video here:

A cute puppy video has been shared over popular video making app TikTok. As per the caption, a little puppy was scared while sleeping, probably having a nightmare. Another puppy saw it and then came and hugged its sibling to make it feel comfortable. The video is just too cute to be missed.Watch the video here:

A viral Twitter thread has people sharing their collection of house plants. And the beauty of greens will also inspire you to go on some plant shopping. Some netizens are already inspired to get in more house plants watching these wonderful videos.Watch the Twitter Thread Here:

Among the several amazing animal videos that come up on the internet everyday, a new video is shocking people with the size of a crocodile in it. A video shared on twitter shows a giant sized crocodile and a man attempting to play with it! The sheer size of the reptile is so shocking, people are wondering how the man even tried to go so close to it. Check the viral video here:

A 82-year-old woman in Coimbatore's Vadivelampalayam village makes her living by selling idlis at Re 1 each. She has now been issued an LPG connection by the government. She mentions that she lives alone and doesn't make much of a profit. Her story has been shared by many on social media.Check the tweet here:

Not all social media challenges are good ones, the recent one is a disaster especially if you love reading books. Called the 'Don't Have a Bookmark' Challenge, people are replacing bookmarks with food and drink items! Several food brands took part in the social media challenge and netizens aren't very impressed.Check Tweets of Don't Have Bookmark Challenge:

An out-of-control hot air balloon spotted hitting a tree in a residential neighborhood in Tucson, Arizona. In the clip, a group of people can be seen trying to hold the basked before it hits a tree.Watch Viral Video:

A trained army dog named Dutch passed away this week at the age of 9. Dutch worked in the Eastern Command of the Indian Army and helped in identifying explosives. This morning, the Eastern Command paid a beautiful tribute to Dutch calling him "A real hero in service to nation." They shared few pics of Dutch while he was in service.Check the Beautiful Tribute here:

It is Caturday for cat lovers on Twitter and they are marking the day well, with cutest pictures and videos of fur balls. From their mischief to amusing reactions as they pose, these adorable moments will making your day.Check Tweets:

Paws up for Some Milk?It's Play Time:Awwiee:How Adorable:

Ants have always been considered as the best creature to prove the true strength of unity. A video of ants going viral is reminding people the same. In the clip, several ants can be seen making a bridge to help each other cross over the other side. And their team work is receiving thousands of likes and comments.Watch Video:

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It is finally Saturday today. The weekend has officially started. Another day full of opportunities and no workload. The weekend is surely the best part of the entire week. For netizens, the day starts on a positive note with people sharing their weekend whereabout. People are posting on social media their plans for the weekend and all the fun things they are doing to kickstart Saturday in the best possible way.  Hashtags such as #SaturdayFeeling, #saturdaymotivation and #WeekendFeels are on the trending page having all kinds of motivating posts.

In India, Hindi Diwas is celebrated today where we celebrate the most spoken language in the country, Hindi. People are sharing wishes and posts related to Hindi Diwas, under hashtags, #HindiDiwas, #HindiDiwas2019 #HappyHindiDiwas.

This country loves cricket and the God of cricket, MS Dhoni retired yesterday. Fans are sharing their best wishes and feelings for Dhoni on social media under #Dhoni, #mahi, #MSDhoni, etc. #12yearsOfCaptainDhoni started trending on Twitter since yesterday, celebrating MSD's 12 years as Indian captain. MS Dhoni's fans and followers started sharing the photos of the former Indian skipper. In the entertainment field, it is Ayushman Khurrana's birthday and Twitter is filled with best wishes and there is more to come.

In this viral live blog, we will keep you updated with anything that goes viral and hits the trending page. Be it a super cute video or funny memes, we will keep updating you from time to time about the happenings in the world and not just from India. Stay tuned.