Every second person on Twitter is in a flurry over So Pa Tu Manaa, as they fail to understand what the viral phrase means and why are they trending.Again, those who did, are coming up with some tweets, leaving people online more perplexed. It turns out that much like the viral phrase, the meaning is also confusing. Read the full story here.

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Just days after an intern was attacked by a pair of bulls at IIT Bombay, stray cattle entered at a classroom, creating panic among the students. The viral video shows a cow walking across the room at the coveted institute as the lecturer and students look on.

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The United States of America is gearing up to celebrate National Lipstick Day 2019 tomorrow on July 29. Ahead of the event, women in India shares their beautiful pictures of themselves, wearing different shades of red along with the hashtag #RedLipstickTwitter.

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Around 4-foot long crocodile was rescued from a drain near Dadar Mohalla in Chiplun city, Maharashtra. Spotting the reptile, the forest department officials were informed. The forest officials rushed to the spot and rescued the Magar and released it safely to the river again. Read the full report here.

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A father of twins has been charged with two counts each of manslaughter criminally negligent homicide, after he forgot his two children in the backseat of his car near his workplace. Both the one-year-olds had died when Juan Rodriguez returned back to this car eight hours later after finishing work. Read the full report here.

A video is going viral showing a Pakistani news anchor from G-TV News is going viral. He can be seen standing in neck-deep water while speaking about the horrific flood situation in the country.

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Video of a grandfather and grandson playing basketball has the internet laughing their hearts out. In the clip, the granddad stuns everyone by showing off his incredible basketball skills.

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An Indiana man was saved by his wife while hiking up a dormant volcano at Mt Liamuiga in Saint Kitts. She saved his life after he fell into the volcano. The duo was on their honeymoon when the horrifying incident occurred. She sustained minor injuries and is recovering in a hospital

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Black and white photo of a group of children posing for the camera has gone viral on social media. While the photo is black and photo, colourful dotted lines on it have cast an effect on it, making it look like a colourful one.

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Black and white optical illusion photo (Photo Credits: byu/vbloke Reddit)

Video of a rare Golden Axolotl fish-eating its prey has gone viral on social media. The clip is being shared widely on social media. As the video goes viral social media users are talking about how the fish almost killed viewers with suspense as it takes a long time to catch on its prey.

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It's finally that day of the week that everyone has been looking forward to. People have taken to the social media talking about their love for Sunday mornings with the hashtags #SundayThoughts and #SundayMorning. Twitterati is sharing messages and quotes inspiring each other for a better tomorrow. And as the day progress, we promise to bring you top trending stories on social media from around the world. From viral tweets, Facebook posts, funny memes, GIFs to videos, we will ensure you are updated about everything happening today on social media platforms.

Meanwhile, July 28 marks various national and international events. Parents' Day is celebrated on the fourth week of July annually every year. This year it falls on July 28, 2019. People wish their parents on this day showcasing gratitude, love and respect towards them. Children try to make their mother and father feel special on this day by showering them with gifts, cards and flowers

World Hepatitis Day is observed on July 28 to create awareness about the health issue which is caused by different viruses. It is generally caused due to the over intake of alcohol that results in liver disease. It is currently estimated that about 40 million people are suffering from chronic Hepatitis B and 6 to 12 million people with Hepatitis C. The day aims to create awareness and subsequently highlight the cure for the disease.

July 28 also marks National Milk Chocolate Day 2019! Yes, milk chocolates are celebrated on this day for their taste. The day also portrays the health benefits of milk chocolate that instantly makes a person feel good. And we hope you have a great Sunday and get all your pending laundry done today! (Well, only if you please, because Sundays are synonymous to being lazy).