New York Father Forgets His Twin Babies in Car's Backseat, Returns After 8 Hours to Find Them Dead
Dad forgets babies in backseat of car in New York (Photo Credits: Unsplash, Pexels/Representational Image)

A 39-year-old father in New York City has been charged with the death of his infant twins after he forgot them in a hot car for many hours together. Bodies of the babies, one boy and a girl, were found in the back of in the back seat of Juan Rodriguez's Honda around 4 pm in the Bronx. On Saturday, New York City police announced that Juan has been charged with two counts each of manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide. Texas Mother Sentenced 40 Years Prison for Letting Her Daughters Slowly Die in Car As She Partied.

According to WABC, investigators believe that Juan had parked the car on Friday morning around 8 am near his office in Fordham Manor VA Hospital. It means that the kids were in the car for around eight hours. The local station said that that Juan dropped one of his children, at home and then drove to work, forgetting his twins in the back seats. He parked it near his workplace and left. Reportedly, after work, he entered the car, drove for two blocks without realising his children were lying unconscious in the back seat. On knowing what he had done, Juan immediately dialled 911 and screamed for help. US Mother Kills Two-Year-Old Son for Bedwetting, Sentenced to 40 Years Jail.

On being questioned, Juan told police he forgot that Mariza and Phoenix Rodriguez were in the backseat, and went to work. He found eight hours later at the intersection of Kingsbridge Terrace and Kingsbridge Road in the Kingsbridge neighbourhood. Bihar Shocker: Mother Glues Son's Lips to Stop Him From Crying.

Reportedly, the children were foaming at the mouth when they arrived. Even though first responders tried to perform CPR on the one-year-old twins, they were pronounced dead at the scene. The terrible heat inside a locked car is believed to have killed both the children. The actual cause of death has not yet been determined yet. On being produced in the court, he had been crying throughout. He was set on bail at USD 50,000 cash and USD 100,000 bond. Juan is a licensed clinical social worker and also an Army Veteran who served in Iraq.