20 Jun, 19:59 (IST)

People from Maharashtra's Latur district dedicated a crop art tribute to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The farm painting which was made ahead of Shivaji Jayanti with thousands of green plants was also visible on the Google Maps.Check out the video below:

20 Jun, 17:37 (IST)

Rare wave-shaped cloud was seen in the skies of Virginia in the United States today. Photo of the cloud is being shared widely on social media with people being amazed at the amazing beauty. Read the full story here.Here is the photo:

20 Jun, 16:51 (IST)

Two rhino poachers died after crashing into a goat while escaping from rangers in Zimbabwe. The incident occurred at Bubye Valley Conservancy, located at the southern town of Beitbridge. While two of them died, the other two men survived the deadly accident. Read the entire story here.

20 Jun, 13:58 (IST)

In a heart-breaking moment, a polar bear was unusually spotted in a Russian industrial city located in northern Siberia, far away from its normal habitat. It seems the polar bear had been starving and walked hundreds of kilometres from the Arctic region to Russia's northern city of Norilsk. Read the entire story hereWatch video:

20 Jun, 13:17 (IST)

A video of an overweight cat pretending to be dead instead of exercising is going viral on the internet. Laila, a cat from Florida just hates exercising and pretends to be dead when her owner puts her on a treadmill. The funny clip is widely being shared on social media and people can totally relate to here. Read the entire story here.Watch the viral video here:

20 Jun, 11:58 (IST)

A viral video of a preschool kid, every time he sees his dad is winning hearts of the netizens. The clip shows the excitement in the two-year-old's adorable eyes, every time his father picks him up from school is the cutest of all that you have seen recently. Read full report hereWatch Viral Video Here:

20 Jun, 11:33 (IST)

Every year millions people are forced to move from their homes to keep them safe from war, persecution or natural disaster. On the account of World Refugee Day 2019, Twitterati is extending their support to all those who have left their homes and dear ones because of war or any other reason. Check out a few Tweets below. Read more about World Refugee Day 2019, hereThey Are Victims of Terrorism

A Shocking RevealStep With Refugees

20 Jun, 10:41 (IST)

Sufiya Khan, an ultra runner from Rajasthan, who is running for peace and hope, has reached Thane, Maharashtra and the Thane Municipal Corporation mayor felicitated her. Sufiya, who is on an attempt to cover the distance of 4000 km in 100 days, has already covered a distance of 2,300 km in 55 days, before she reached Thane, Korum Mall. 

20 Jun, 09:52 (IST)

A disheartening video of a polar bear, described as sick and starving, was in a Russian city, in northern Siberia, wandering for food. Roaming the streets and a local garbage dump, with muddy paws, scavenging for something to eat, the clip is distressing and equally shocking. The wildlife expert who captured the images of the bear reported that it had watery eyes and did not appear to be able to see well. This is the recent sighting of a bear in a Russian urban area and the last time a polar bear reportedly, appeared near the area was more than 40 years ago.Watch the Viral Video Here: 

20 Jun, 09:16 (IST)

Aaj Tak's reporter, Anjana Om Kashyap, interviewed a doctor on duty for a live report from the Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital in Bihar's Muzaffarpur. She was seen questioning the doctor treating Encephalitis patients about the lack of arrangements made. But will this make any significant effect? Twitterati does not think so. Online users went furious after her video went viral on social media. According to reports, more than 100 children have died in Muzaffarpur due to Acute Encephalitis Syndrome and many others are hospitalised.Watch the Viral Video Here:

The internet and its never-ending memes, keep the online users engaging throughout the day, and there is no doubt about that. With the increasing demand of viral trends and memes, each passing day, we come across many videos, funny image content and what not, surfacing online. From something very serious to many things that are utterly funny or satire, social media has it all. It is Thursday today, and our Twitterati has already surfaced the internet with wonderful Thursday Thoughts to Throwback moments. Cobra At Home! Bengaluru Man Wakes Up To Find Gigantic Snake in Toilet Bowl; Watch Video. 

You can see #ThursdayThoughts, #ThrowbackThursdays #TBT, being the top trends on the microblogging platform by the end of today. So, what is trending, and what is not, what is being mocked and what is solemn, we will find out in a while. In this blog of trending topics, we keep you updated with the viral videos and funny memes that are being widely shared by the netizens today. Stay tuned with us and get all the latest updates to what is happening on social media. Beautiful Video of Dog Chasing a Ball Unaware of Its Paralysis Wins the Internet's Hearts. 

At present, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is running, and fans in India have still not gotten over recent India vs Pakistan match. Some old images are resurfacing, while expectations from team India is growing. So, what more is trending, let us find out through this blog, updated with the recent viral moments throughout the day.