Scotland, October 2: A woman who was told by her boss that she used the menopause as an ‘excuse for everything’ has won Rs 37.5 lakh (£37,000) in compensation. 49-year-old Karen Farquharson from Scotland used to work at Thistle Marine, an engineering firm, since 1995 and had been earning Rs 38 lakh. However, she left her job after certain events unfolded.

Farquharson's boss Jim Clark, managing director of Thistle Marine, in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire dismissed her medical problem and told her to "just get on with it”, reported Times Now.

She sued the company for unfair dismissal and harassment. She described her 72-year-old boss as a "dinosaur" who didn't move with time. China: Bike-Borne Stuntman Catches Fire as 'Globe of Death' Motorcycle Stunt Goes Horribly Wrong at Five-Nation Royal Circus in Jinzhong, Terrifying Video of Accident Surfaces.

Farquharson, aged 49, expressed her disappointment with the company she had known for 27 years, stating, "They treated me like rubbish. Mr Clark didn't like change. He didn't like being challenged on things. He didn't move with the times. I tried to explain some issues in what you can say and what you can't say and it just fell on deaf ears." She also revealed that Clark often referred to employees who took sick leave as 'snowflakes'. Bone Smashing Trend Goes Viral on TikTok; Know All About Dangerous Social Media Challenge Making People Hit Their Faces With Hammers.

It all started in August 2021 when she informed her boss that she was having menopause symptoms and was experiencing anxiety and brain fog. In December 2022, she opted to work from home for two days as she was suffering menopausal bleeding. Not just this but there was also heavy snow near her house.

When she returned to work on the third day, her boss passed a sarcastic comment saying “Oh, I see you’ve made it in."

Despite telling him about her situation, she was dismissed and told that everyone suffered from aches and pains. This is when Karen decided to backoff and sued the company.

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