Update your CVs! Kim Kardashian’s Retweets Added by a Student to ‘Accomplishments’ on His Resume, Lands Three Jobs in One Week
Kim Kardashian’s Retweets Added by a Student to ‘Accomplishments’ on His Resume. (Photo Credits: Twitter/Chris Sumlin and Instagram/ kimkardashian)

Social media so much influence Today's time that sometimes it becomes difficult even to imagine how life worked back then. Let's talk about getting jobs! Social media acting as a medium of getting jobs is one here comes a story where a graduate student got a job because of a retweet! Believe it or not, this Boston University graduate student Chris Sumlin who is also a fan of Kim Kardashian list being re-tweeted by the Kim Kardashian as 'accomplishments' on the CV. And if you call it a joke, you might want to rephrase it and call it a joke that actually WORKS! Kim Kardashian Receives a Makeover by Daughter North West, Watch the Cute Video Going Viral All Over the Internet.

The student was able to crack three interviews because of that. We can safely say now that apart from being so awesome, Kim Kardashian is also helping people get jobs now! The story began almost one year back. In the year 2017, Chris put up on Twitter about his paper on Kim Kardashian's life from a reality show superstar to a full-fledged media influencer and later one of the wealthiest celebs. He went ahead to tag Kim Kardashian as well. Take a look at the post he made.

Kim retweeted his tweet and this he put up on his resume under 'accomplishments'. It was only a few days ago he tweeted again saying how he fetched three jobs because of the retweet in almost a week. He wrote- 'Y’all I added that @KimKardashian retweeted my graduate school paper on my resume and I’ve already booked THREE job interviews in less than a week. This woman’s influence is helping me secure a bag.' Take a look at the tweet.

It is excellent that Kim Kardashian is also helping youngsters get jobs now. Kudos to the smart student for using his resources well. What do you have to say? Let us know in the comments section below.