US Teen Becomes Blind after Returning from Family Cruise, Doctors Baffled by the Girl’s Mysterious Illness
US Teen Jordyn Walker (Photo Credits:

Despite incredible improvements in health science, there are still a great number of medical mysteries, which sometimes are too complicated to understand. You may feel perfectly healthy one minute but wind up in the hospital with crippling pain and swelling the next. Case in point is a girl from the US whose family trip last summer turned into a medical nightmare. The 15-year-old's health deteriorated so much that she has now turned blind permanently. And the doctors are baffled as to why it is happening. Kidney Transplant Helps Man Suffering From Genetic Disease a New Lease of Life in The New Year!

According to the WDAF TV, the Missouri teen identified as Jordyn Walker went for a cruise in 2018 for a summer holiday with her family. At the initial stage, she suffered from severe stomach pain, vomiting and bloody stools. Although, the reports did not indicate as to where Walker travelled on the cruise, but “It just went haywire from there,” said the teenager. “Everything started swelling,” she added. During her first-stage treatment, the doctors in North Carolina thought she was suffering from a sinus infection. The 15-year-old Jordyn lost her sense of taste and smell. Here’s How Wrapping the Fish Skin Can Be an Effective and Less Painful Way to Treat Burns. 

This led to multiple specialist visits at her home and numerous medical tests. Jordyn’s mom Kendyll Walker was quoted in the same report as saying, “Everything came back normal.” The family was told that it would probably never happen again. Unfortunately, two weeks before Christmas, Jordyn’s medical mystery came back. This time with a vengeance. Her whole face turned purple and giant with blood. Her horrific medical episode landed her in the intensive care unit at the University of Kansas Hospital. The incident left the teen blind, and she had to undergo two surgeries to reduce swelling.

Doctors are nowhere close to figuring out what was troubling Jordyn’s health. She now has one new diagnosis—permanent blindness. “There's no answers. Nothing you can do,” Kendyll was quoted in the same report. Her family is speaking with specialists elsewhere to know what is causing the teen’s strange illness. They have shared the mysterious health disorder to a GoFundMe page. The family is only hoping for someone to find answers that would help Jordyn heal.