Kidney Transplant Helps Man Suffering From Genetic Disease a New Lease of Life in The New Year!
Jamaluddin Khan, a resident of Malad. (Photo Credit: SL Raheja Hospital)

For 40yr old Jamaluddin Khan, a resident of Malad, the past two years have been tiresome and agonising. Diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease in 2016 due to an Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney which is a genetic disease that runs in the family, Jamaluddin’s ordeal spiralled for two years where he was put on supportive care and medication, but nothing worked in his favour. He was then taken under the care of Dr Rajesh Kumar Consultant Nephrologist & Transplant physician. ‘Modern Family’ Actor, Sarah Hyland Talks About 2nd Kidney Transplant: What Is Kidney Dysplasia?

In June 2018, Dr Kumar advised him to be treated with dialysis as he further suffered from acute kidney failure. The only options left with Jamaluddin were to rely on the dialysis for the rest of his life or undergo a kidney transplant. Not one to give up, he chooses to undergo a transplant after consulting with the doctor and subsequently opted for further treatment at SL Raheja Hospital- a Fortis Associate.

Along with Dr Rajesh Kumar, the case was reviewed by Dr Nilesh Rangnekar & Dr Ramesh Mahajan Urologist & Transplant surgeon, SL Raheja Hospital- a Fortis Associate. Post a detailed medical evaluation, his family members were tested, and a match was found within his family. The transplant was made possible when 33-year-old Mrs Mairun Nesha, Jamaluddin’s sister-in-law agreed to donate one of her kidneys. On December 4th, 2018 the team of doctors and nurses successfully performed the kidney transplant granting Jamaluddin a new lease of life. While the donor responded well and was discharged on 8th December 2018; Jamaluddin was released on 18th December, 2018.

Speaking on his fresh new start at life, Jamaluddin Khan said, “For two years I was unaware about my fate, however now the tables have turned, and I feel grateful towards my sister-in-law. I am very happy with the treatment provided at the hospital and the doctors’ care for my speedy recovery. With the new kidney, I will be living a healthy life now, and I am very thankful for that.”

Speaking about the surgery, Dr Nilesh Rangnekar, Urologist & Transplant Surgeon SL Raheja Hospital- a Fortis Associate said, “Jamaluddin is responding well to the new kidney, and we did not place him on dialysis since the day of the transplant. He has been advised to wear a mask at all times, avoid going to crowded places and maintain a healthy diet in order to prevent infections. He came in for his first follow up session, and his post-surgery tests have shown positive.”

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