Viral Pic of Overloaded BigBasket Employee Shared on Facebook Reminds us of Railway 'Coolies' Sahayaks! How Inhumane we can be for Fellow Humans
Overloaded BigBasket Employee Reminds us of Railway 'Coolies' Sahayaks (Photo Credits: Saurabh Trivedi/ Facebook/ PTI)

Hard work, low pay, poor and inhumane working circumstances represents the most significant hurdles that we are facing today in India. With more e-commerce industries coming in to the market, which is improving the employment rate for sure, but disgracing humanity. After the horrific condition of railway coolies and expose of ill-treatment with Amazon’s employees, it is e-retailer BigBasket delivery persons who are exploited to the core. In a Facebook Post, user Saurabh Trivedi shared the picture of the delivery guy who was carrying a heavy weight, stunned social media and soon it went viral.

In the post, Trivedi explained that carrying such heavy bag full of orders, the delivery boy was unable to stand properly and said he was ‘literally bending forward’. In such scorching heat, delivery persons are the most affected, given the insane number of orders they need to transport on time every day. Delhiite Trivedi further tagged the Ministry of Labour to take action against such inhuman treatments. Saurabh posted the photo on May 25 and so far, it earned more that 30,700 shares (and still counting).

Saurabh Trivedi's shocking post! 

To the post, BigBasket replied, “Hello Saurabh, we are sorry to hear this, please inbox us your registered number or order ID we will get this highlighted.” The reply makes all of us wonder, that why would Big Basket need customer’s registered number or order ID to address the mistreatment the e-retailer is encouraging? While the socialites were shocked, they were tensed too thinking if the post hamper the delivery boy, he might lose his job to which Saurabh replied, “I won't share the details. I clicked these pics without his consent. He requested that please don't do any of this as it may impact his job. He did not complain about his plight. It was my decision to raise this issue. I have his number as well. If Bigbasket takes any unethical decision against him, I will take this issue to another level. And I very well understand that most of the e-commerce companies are exploiting their delivery persons in same fashion."

BigBasket further explained the steps they have taken stringent steps to ensure delivery boys are not burdened. The statement reads, “However, there have been some rare exceptions wherein misplaced sense of commitment to on-time delivery, order allocator has assigned a load of more than 15 kilograms. We have been taking stringent actions against individuals violating process.”

Trivedi’s post reminded us of our redshirt Railway porter Sahayaks’ working condition. The ‘coolies’ lifting our heavy luggage and in return, they are not getting a recognition in society. They are still striving to get minimum allowances just like any other employees in India.

Watch video of Indian Railway Porters! 

The prices that the sahayaks receives are hardly equitable to their strenuous labour. Many people travel from one place to another leaving their families behind in search for a better livelihood. It is distressing to see such sad work conditions. Threats to health, being inhumane towards the employees, unlivable wages, poor working conditions; these reasons are a shame to humanity. How cruel can we be?