Since time immemorial, snakes have always fascinated and terrified us. Snakes are intimidating. From their unpredictability to their sudden strikes, they hold a unique place in our imaginations. Recently, the internet has been flooded with viral snake videos, capturing the attention of many. Videos of snakes immediately go viral because they are seen as a symbol of mystery and danger. Seeing them in a zoo or a forest may not lead to fear, but seeing them in unexpected situations around humans can give rise to fear. From a viral video of a snake in a package and a snake trying to make its way out of a toilet bowl to a snake being found in cauliflower leaves and a snake being used for puja, let’s take a look at the top 5 viral snake videos doing the rounds of social media.

Live Snake Found in Amazon Package in Bangalore Viral Video

A software engineer from Bangalore was shocked to find a snake inside her package. The techie had ordered an Xbox controller a few days ago. Upon receiving the package and opening it, to her shock, she discovered a cobra inside the box. The cobra, however, was unable to move as it was stuck to the packaging tape. After a rough ordeal with Amazon customer care, she got a refund. The snake has been released safely away from public.

Snake in Cauliflower Viral Video

In another shocking incident, a family that had gone grocery shopping was shocked when they found a baby snake slithering out of the cauliflower they had purchased. The family noticed something moving on the cauliflower. After taking a closer look, they realised it was a snake. The viral video shows the man trying to get hold of the snake. The snake, however, manages to escape and goes deeper into the cauliflower leaves.

Live Snake Used in Puja Viral Video

In another viral snake video that was doing the rounds of social media, we see a family fearlessly performing rituals and worshipping a live cobra. In the video we see the snake placed in the centre, with the family gathered around performing traditional Hindu rituals with the utmost devotion. Even though the snake attempts to make an attack on the nearest seated person, everyone continues with the rituals in a calm and composed way. The fearlessness and unexpected reactions of the people around are surprising.

Snake Found Inside Bike’s Helmet Viral Video

Snakes hiding in shoes and bags is common. In a similar incident, a biker found a snake hiding in his bike’s helmet. In the viral video, we see a cobra hiding inside the helmet before it is found by the biker. On first glance, it seems as if there is nothing in the helmet. However, after a person touches the cushion with a stick, we see the snake slither out of its hiding place.

Snake Found in Toilet Viral Video

The mere thought of finding a snake in your toilet bowl can send shivers down your spine. In a similar incident, a man in Maharashtra heard a hissing sound coming from his washroom. Initially, he assumed the cause of the noise was waterlogging issues. However, upon further inspection, he was shocked to find a snake in the toilet bowl. The snake, a Dhaman snake, also known as the Indian Rat, was removed from the toilet bowl by a local snake catcher.

We often get to see viral video of animals and reptiles. While some are heartwarming or funny, some raise concerns about safety issues. The viral videos of snakes certainly belong to the latter.

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