Viral Video Captures Fire Burning Inside a Tree After Lightning Strikes, Netizens Share Clips of More Such Bizarrely Beautiful Natural Phenomenon!
Viral Video Captures Fire Burning Inside a Tree After Lightning Strikes (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The wrath of lightning isn't unknown. It knows how to kill and destroy whoever or whatever it strikes. Mother nature often surprises us with certain lightning views that can be both mesmerising and frightening at the same time. Just like, this tree that was struck by lightning and was set ablaze. It continued to burn from the inside and almost looked like the tree bark was a shell that contained an unstoppable fire. The video that captured the burning tree went viral on Twitter in no time with people coming up with all kinds of explanations. Some cracked Lord of the Rings jokes whereas some thought it was fake. The sight of a tree burning from inside is surely unique and uncommon. It is still unknown where the video was originally shot but the Twitter handle that shared has the location of Atlanta, GA. It was shared by a Twitter user who goes by the name @sofain. Motorcyclist in Florida Dies After Lightning Strikes His Helmet While Riding on the Highway (View Pic). 

The video of the unique incident is all over social with some people unable to believe their eyes. The 15-second video shows a fire glowing through an opening in the tree trunk while some part of the trunk turning into ashes. The caption of the video reads: "A look inside a tree that has been struck by lightning."

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People began to share similar clips from all over the world. Check a few:

Baldwyn, MS

California Wildfire

Some people also joked about the fire, Check Tweets:


Lightning surely is one of the most frightening things. Only the lucky ones escape it. Just earlier this month, a Texas man miraculously survived a lightning strike. The case serves as one of the biggest examples that if you have fate (and medical facilities) by your side, no lightning strike can take your life away. The 27-year-old man named Alex Coreas was struck by lightning while walking his dogs last week near Houston. He not only survived but is finally back with his animals after they ran off in fright, following the incident.