Viral Video of Alligator Eating Girl is Fake; Original Clip is Preview's Ad From 2013
Alligator eats girl (Photo Credits: Preview YouTube)

A video going viral on the internet shows an alligator eating up a girl while posing next to a waterbody. The video which has been doing rounds since 2013 has caught the fancy on social media once again. In the video, a girl can be seen posing for pictures in front of what looks like a river while another girl clicks her photos. However, it turns out that the video is not real and is an advertisement. The fake video had also generated concern on the internet with many users appearing worried about alligators out in the open near human settlement.

The video that is going viral is just half and does not have the entire content shot for the ad. A few seconds after the ad is cropped which proves it is a commercial. The video ends with the tagline 'choose your bag wisely' and the hashtag #IMAPreviewGirl with a link to Preview's web site. After watching the ad you would be convinced that the video was purposely cut to make it go viral. In fact, there are many versions of the video that is being shared on social networking sites.

Watch the video that is going viral here:

Watch the original video of the bag here:

Preview on their YouTube channel made it clear that 'How Not To Instagram' is part of Preview Magazine's #imapreviewgirl campaign which started with their September 2013 issue. Their YouTube description reads, "We asked our friends from the film industry to interpret what a Preview Girl means to them; it was an open brief and they could do anything they wanted. There are more videos coming up, so stay tuned to our channel and discover what it is being an #imapreviewgirl."