Why Are Kate’s Fingers All The SAME length? Twitterati Have The Answers
Image used for representational purpose only (Photo Credits: gettyimages)

The United Kingdom’s leading journal Daily Mail is making the headlines after they dedicated a significant portion on its front page to Kate Middleton’s fingers. Yes, the Duchess of Cambridge visited a school in Oxford on March 11 when the journal’s observers were amazed to note that Kate’s fingers appear to be of the same length. The onlookers of Daily Mail were astounded so much by the sight, that they chose to zoom in and put the snap of Kate’s fingers on their front page. And it just did not end here. They went on making a dotted box around them to clarify that the fingers touch the same line. Too much of creativity and hard work indeed! The Daily Mail asked, “Why are Kate’s fingers all the SAME length?”

Slaying in a white chic coat and a little black clutch, this time Kate’s index, middle and ring fingers hit the headlines. Daily Mail have their share of information that continued for nearly 2 pages. But the picture clearly shows that they are not. Twitter took note and the headline has entered in meme territory!

Question of the day!

Hell yeah!

What do you think?

Please answer, Duke of Cambridge!

The world wants to know!

Someone please answer.

Standing ovation!

Well, we really do not know what made the Daily Mail reporters think that Kate Middleton’s fingers are identical! But it has surely paved one major effect on the netizens. All thanks to the journal's effort. Social media users no more feel apathetic or indifferent about starting the week. A great troll to beat the Monday blues!