Woman in London Calls Cops to Arrest Thief, Turns Out to be a Squirrel
A squirrel was thought to be burglar (Photo credits: Pixabay, skeeze)

A woman in the suburban town of Harrow in England was scared when she heard noises from the downstairs of her house. Convinced a thief had come in, she called the cops to arrest the burglar. Well, it was a thorough disappointment for the cops as the supposed burglar turned out to an enthusiastic squirrel. The woman called in the Harrow Borough Police convinced that there was a burglar.

When the police reached the spot they found the woman's kitchen was entirely messed up. So the police too thought they would have a potential arrest, instead, it was a small and furry squirrel which was quite active in the kitchen. As the reports mention it as a "rogue squirrel," the cause of the ruckus in the woman's house. The police shared this funny incident on the Twitter account.

Take a look at the Harrow Police's tweet:

Some people who reacted to the news called the squirrel the best burglar! Isn't it funny? The squirrel must have caused some serious damage so as to replace a burglary level. What do you think about this one? Ever thought a squirrel could be as scary as a thief?