World Animal Day is observed on October 4 annually to celebrate animals. It's celebrated in different ways depending on the country's culture and traditions. It raises awareness about animal care and highlights the issues they face. The day highlights the need for better laws that protect animals and cater to their needs. As we celebrate World Animal Day 2020, we bring to five ways in which you can on an individual basis improve the lives of animals. These are simple actions, but will surely have an impact on their lives. National Wildlife Day (US) 2020: 10 Incredibly Fascinating Facts About Wild Animals That Will Change The Way You Look at the Animal Kingdom.

On this day, you can watch some animal documentaries that will give you better insight into ways in which you can impact the world. Take your children, to a sanctuary and show them the beauty of nature. World Animal Day dates as far back as 1925 when Heinrich Zimmermann organized the first celebration in Berlin. Today, it is also a day to discuss endangered animals and those threatened by environmental problems. Check out the ways in which you can celebrate World Animals Day 2020 that will contribute to animal welfare. World Rhino Day 2020: From Funny Sounds to Friendship With Birds, Know Interesting Facts About Giant Rhinoceros.

1. Volunteer: You can volunteer at a non-profit animal centre and offer to take care of animals.

2. Adopt a Dog: If you have been wanting to get a dog, then instead of buy, go to foster care and adopt a dog.

3. Sponsor Animal Care: If you personally cannot take care of animals, then you can help them financially. You can sign up to send a particular amount on a monthly basis that will help the organisation raise the animals

4. Teach Your Children: Tell your children about being kind to animals. Let them grow to love animals and thus raise a society of goodness.

5. Raise Your Voice: Let people know the importance of taking care of animals. Raise awareness of animal abuse and ways to stop it. Take to social media and use your voice to spread the need for the cause.

The day is not only to love animals in our homes but also to appreciate those around us and respect them. It is important to be considerate towards the ecosystem which is the home. We wish you all a Happy World Animals' Day 2020!

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