95/0 (12.4 ov)SA
WI (yet to bat)
CRR: 7.5 | Match Abandoned

Match Abandoned | South Africa vs West Indies, Highlights And Cricket Score 5th ODI Match

ICC Cricket World Cup Warm-up Matches, 2019

Date: May 26, 2019 Start Time: 15:00 IST | 09:30 GMT | 10:30 Local
Venue: County Ground, Bristol

South Africa vs West Indies Highlights And Cricket Score 5th Match - ODI Summary

End of Over : 12.4 SA: 95/0

We have two more Warm up games coming up on 27th May! Australia take on Sri Lanka at Southampton and England lock horns with Afghanistan at The Oval. Both the games begin at 1030 local (0930 GMT). Hope we get two full games. Till then, take care and goodbye!

A very frustrating day of cricket comes to an end! Rain played spoil sport in both the Warm up games today. The Pakistan and Bangladesh one did not see even a ball being bowled. Here however, we had the toss which the Windies won and elected to bowl. De Kock and Amla started off in explosive fashion. After around the 10th overs though, rain interrupted and the players were off. It was a long delay but the players did walk out again only for a few balls before rain arrived again. The wait then continued. It did end. The players did march out for a 31-over-per side game again but another drizzle saw the umpires call it off!

So that should probably be it! The inevitable has happened! The players are seen shaking hands and THE GAME HAS BEEN CALLED OFF!

Guess what? We are going off again! The umbrellas are out and the covers have been called on. However, the Windies players are not in a rush to get off so, it might not be very heavy. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

12.4 1

Andre Russell to Hashim Amla. 1 run.

12.3 0

Andre Russell to Hashim Amla. A good yorker on middle, Amla jams it out.

12.3 wd

Andre Russell to Hashim Amla. Another bouncer but this bounces way above the batsman's head. Wided.

12.2 1

Andre Russell to Quinton de Kock. Only a single as de Kock guides it down to third man.

12.1 4

Andre Russell to Quinton de Kock. FOUR! It is raining boundaries at the moment. Short and outside off, de Kock cuts it past point and the ball races away to the fence.

End of Over : 12 16 Runs 12.4: 88/0
11.6 4

Oshane Thomas to Hashim Amla. FOUR!STREAKY! Fuller in length, Amla looks to drive it but gets an inside edge which runs past the stumps and into the fine leg fence. 50 up for Amla. Not the kind off innings we usually see from Amla. Explosive from the word go. 16 runs coming in the over. A very productive one.

11.5 6

Oshane Thomas to Hashim Amla. SIX! Up and over the Slips. Amla see the length to be short he just upper cuts it and from the moment the ball left the bat it was heading for a maximum. First of the innings.

11.4 1

Oshane Thomas to Quinton de Kock. Length ball on pads de Kock flicks it to leg side for single.

11.3 4

Oshane Thomas to Quinton de Kock. FOUR! Short of length on middle, de Kock pulls it brutally to the mid-wicket fence for a boundary.

11.2 1

Oshane Thomas to Hashim Amla. he batsman opens the face of the bat and helps it to third man. The batsmen have run through for a single.

11.1 0

Oshane Thomas to Hashim Amla. Length ball outside off, Amla drives but misses, the ball goes on the bounce to the keeper.

End of Over : 11 10 Runs 12.4: 72/0
10.6 4

Andre Russell to Quinton de Kock. FOUR! Perfect response from de Kock. Russell gets too predictable there. He goes short again and de Kock was waiting for it, he rocks back and pulls it through backward square leg for a boundary.

10.5 0

Andre Russell to Quinton de Kock. Russell has his tail up here! He bangs another one short and it is on the body, de Kock once again does well to evade it.

10.4 0

Andre Russell to Quinton de Kock. Good pacey short one on middle, de Kock first thinks of a pull but the realizes it is too quick, he evades it well.

ICC Cricket World Cup Warm-up Matches 2019 - News

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