Brazil’s Neymar Jr Mocks Himself; Teaches Kids to Fall (Watch Video)
Neymar (Photo Credits: PTI)

The Internet was full of memes making fun of Neymar Jr’s overreaction for a foul against Serbia and Costa Rica. People made fun of the footballer by presenting the funniest memes. He was slammed on Twitter and various other social media handles for his over-exaggerated act. Now, in a video surfaced on the Internet, the Brazilian footballer is seen teaching the kids how to fall.From the looks of it, the clip is shot in a parking lot.

In the video, Neymar is seen laughing and says, “One, two, three, go.” The kids suddenly fall down and he concludes the video by saying, “Free Kick.” The video ends with Neymar bursting out into pangs of laughter.

The memes did not upset the star footballer. Talking about the act to one of the popular news channels Neymar said, “I was joking (in the social media video). Since everybody is hoping on the bandwagon, I take it as a joke. I am not upset "It was just a moment I was with the kids and I decided to do It.” Talking about Brazil’s stint at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Neymar said that he has gotten over grief. “We have to choose to be happy. We have reasons to be sad, but I choose to be happy," he said. Neymar recently an event had also rubbished the rumours of going to another club. He said, “I am staying, I'm staying in Paris, I have a contract.” Contrary to the reports, Real Madrid also denied approaching Neymar.