David de Gea Makes a Stunning Save During Manchester United vs Huddersfield Premier league 2018 Match (Watch Video)
David de Gea (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Manchester United is back to its winning ways after the team hired Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as their interim manager. Only last week the team sacked Jose Mourinho after the team lost by 3-1. However, now that’s passe. The team today played against Huddersfield and won the game by 3-1 at the Old Trafford. Man United’s new captain David de Gea exhibited his class once again for making a brilliant save during the match. The Spaniard hasn’t had a clean sheet to his name but this save surely set the tongues wagging. Jose Mourinho, Sacked From Manchester United, Says 'I Have Future Without the Football Club'.

The save was made during the 60th minute and the moment it happened, it broke the Internet. De Gea and Man United fans took to social media posted their reactions. It is hard to imagine the save as many other keepers could even get a hand on this, let alone such a strong one to turn the danger away. Watch the stunning save made by David De Gea.

Check out a few Twitter reactions here:

“There was a moment in the first-half where De Gea passed it to Lindelof and he had two Huddersfield players within 10 yards of him. #mufc not only playing it out from the back more but interchanging in attack. Fixed roles were a problem under Mourinho, now they're much freer,” read a post.

“Pogba>your midfielder -De Gea is the best keeper in the world -Pep won’t last the season at this rate

-Unfortunately Liverpool are winning the league -Salah is a fraud -Burnley are getting relegated (sorry viz) Anything else that I missed?,” read another tweet.

A tweet read, “Never seen a keeper like De Gea in my life! 🤦🏾‍♂️👽🔴⚪️⚫️ #MUNHUD.”

As of now, Manchester United is on number six of the Premier League 2018 points table with 32 points in their kitty. The team has so far played 19 matches and has won nine and lost five matches in this season.