If you are familiar with the world of sports consulting, then it is very likely that you have heard of a company called Onyx Sports Consulting. Onyx has managed to take over the consulting market in the span of six short months and continues to grow exponentially. We were curious to find out more about the company and the people behind it, so we reached out.

Meet Mateo Reyes and Elan Golan, two college students in their early twenties, who managed to turn their passion for sports into a profitable business. They claim the idea for Onyx came to them after they realized the untapped potential of the sport consulting industry. According to the two young entrepreneurs, they saw a clear opportunity to change the industry and create a sense of trust and reliability with customers, something other companies were not doing. The two developed a personalized system for their clients that provides them with access to quality information and statistics every single week in the form of a package. They also created a system of automatic text alerts that would give their customers an edge by allowing them to capitalize on last-minute changes. Through the implementation of these tactics, the two owners grew their company to unprecedented heights.

The two entrepreneurs show no intention of stopping and even discussed the possibility of developing an Onyx application for mobile devices in the near future. The two seem to have a clear and concrete vision for their company, and they are stopping at nothing to see their ideas come to life. Onyx is currently forcing other sport consulting companies to rethink their products and strategies. Many of these companies are struggling to keep up with the new pace set by these two millennials. Onyx continues to surpass even its own expectations and the company seems to have a very promising future ahead of them.