Apple CEO Tim Cook Wishes Happy Diwali by Sharing Photos Shot Using  iPhone XR
Apple CEO Tim Cook (Photo Credits: Tim Cook/Twitter)

Like every year, Apple CEO Tim Cook has wished his followers Happy Diwali by posting images showing people celebrating the festival of lights. This also works as an indirect promotional strategy for his firm as the photos are always shot from an iPhone. The two images uploaded by Cook are clicked by an Indian photographer named Ashish Parmar showing the spirit of Diwali.

The post mentions that the images are shot using the newly launched ‘budget’ smartphone – iPhone XR. In September, Cook justified the high prices of iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS & iPhone XR.Apple CEO Tim Cook Justifies High Prices of iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS & iPhone XR. 

Admitting that his business in India was flat in the fiscal fourth quarter and weak currency trends worry him although these are just "speed bumps", Cook reiterated that he is a big believer in the country and can't wait for the future there. ook noted that the currency weakness has been part of their challenge in India. "But I view these as speed bumps along a very long journey, though. And the long-term I think is very, very strong there," said the Apple CEO who spoke about the Indian market at great length recently.