New Delhi, June 7:  Apple has paid a multi-million-dollar settlement to a student after her under-repair iPhone was used to post nude photos and videos from her phone on social media. The act was conducted by two repair technicians at an Apple repair facility in California.

The privacy violation took place in 2016 when a university student in Oregon sent her phone to Apple for repair. While fixing the phone, two technicians posted photos of the student on the phone onto her Facebook account. The post was made in a way to suggest that she uploaded the content herself. Apple Reportedly Adding New Updates to AirTags To Prevent Unwarranted Tracking.

As per The Telegraph, the exact amount of the settlement is not disclosed. But it has been described as a 'multimillion-dollar' amount, as the lawyers for the individual demanded $5 million in settlements. The sum being compensation for 'severe emotional distress to the individual resulting from the incident was accepted by Apple. Facebook to End Special Treatment for Politicians, Says Report.

The confidentiality agreement left many details about the incident unknown. But is known is that the two employees have been fired after an investigation by Apple. The incident shows loopholes in the privacy claims repeatedly made by Apple in its marketing campaigns. The company has also cited this as an argument against legislation that would make it easier for third parties to fix its devices.

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