This is amongst his best projects till date, as it opens up opportunities for users to communicate with their idols in the Metaverse.

Bartek Sibiga is not a new name as he heads many popular names like BAYC, Fanadise, DDOB and many more. Now, he is coming up with an interesting project which will blow off the industry with its powerful features. We are talking about the Fancy Bears Metaverse, which is undoubtedly one of his best projects till date as it has the potential to make it to the top slot once it steps in. It is created by Sibiga's company Fanadise which is an exclusive content subscription platform made for NFTs which enables users to collect, stake, buy and sell NFT moments of their favorite influencers.

"The Fancy Bears Metaverse will be dedicated exclusively for social media, celebrities and entertainment only, not to forget a lot of bears," says Sibiga who is confident of his project to hit the bulls eye once it opens up for public. He says that Fancy Bears will provide the community and subscribers of Fanadise limitless opportunities to interact with their idols in ways that have never been thought of before. Members would get an exclusive access to artists, top athletes, influencers, celebrities and Nobel Prize winners who are participants of the club. Furthermore, they would get invitees to major events like concerts, parties and festivals with their favorite celebs, all within the Metaverse realm.

The platform will host a Fancy Bears Annual Party, where NFT holders will be eligible to win a Ferrari, yacht and many such exciting rewards for being a part of the Fancy Bears Metaverse. Bartek Sibiga has in the past created many such interesting projects which have amazed the audiences. His previous venture DDOB also gained tremendous popularity being a one of its kind social platform having over 70,000 web creators, bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers and TikTokers on its rolls. His latest NFT project too will be on a roll once it debuts, as many industry experts are betting on its success and NFT enthusiasts are awaiting its public launch which will happen anytime soon.