New Delhi, April 6: Invite-only audio meet app Clubhouse has announced to let creators earn money via its first monetisation tool called Payments. All users will be able to send payments, and "we'll be rolling out the ability to receive payments in waves, starting with a small test group today," Clubhouse said in a statement on Monday. Clubhouse App Account Deletion Requires an Email Submission, Users Complain on Twitter Due to Privacy Concerns.

"Our hope is to collect feedback, fine-tune the feature, and roll it out to everyone soon," the platform added. "Hundred per cent of the payment will go to the creator. The person sending the money will also be charged a small card processing fee, which will go directly to our payment processing partner, Stripe. Clubhouse will take nothing," the company said.

Clubhouse Payments
Clubhouse Payments (Photo Credits: Clubhouse)

Here's how it works. To send a payment in Clubhouse, just tap on the profile of a creator (who has the feature enabled) and tap "Send Money". Enter the amount you would like to send them. The first time you do this, you'll be asked to register a credit or debit card.

This will be the first of many features that allow creators and to get paid directly on Clubhouse. The news of direct payments comes after Clubhouse announced its first creator accelerator programme called Clubhouse Creator First. It will take on 20 aspiring hosts and creators to help them build their audiences and monetise their shows.

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