Galen Law-Kun has co-founded Double Peak Group, a family office specializing in Digital Assets, and Velcron Limited, which focused on State-Channel research on Ethereum for decentralized Crypto Exchanges. He co-founded Double Peak Group in 2017; Double Peak is a family office focused on investments in the digital asset and blockchain space.

Double Peak team consists of talented people with institutional backgrounds: investment banking, firm capital, and entrepreneurship. They are involved in the blockchain space as investors and advisors and could leverage close relationships with different participants in the Asian ecosystem.

Double Peak has invested in many areas, including Asset Management, Banking & Payments, Cross-Chain Platforms, CeFi-Defi Bridges, Infrastructure Protocols, Investment Funds, Gaming/NFTs, Security, The Metaverse, Trading, and Exchanges. At Double Peak, we adopt a value investing philosophy and make investments with a long time horizon in early-stage funding rounds and secondary markets.

The vision is to bridge cutting-edge decentralized technologies between China and international markets. Galen is a project manager on many key Crypto Clients and has been involved in numerous FinTech and Crypto Engagements. It includes the world's leading Crypto Exchanges, Crypto Funds, Token Issuers, and a broad range of clients from Regulators to Financial Institutions.

Galen has been awarded academic and industry awards as a part of his work at PwC and in the wider community. Galen is a  speaker at Seminars, University Lectures, and FinTech conferences on Crypto Institutional Trends, Security Token Offerings, NFTs, and Decentralised Finance.