Rare 7-Foot Hoodwinker Fish Washes on a California Beach, Scientists Baffled; View Pics
Massive hoodwinker fish found on a California beach (Photo Credits: Twitter/NikeSpalato)

The deep sea is full of marine life which is still not discovered by science. Thus when an unknown species of fish wash ashore or spotted, it creates fear among the people about all its whereabouts. Recently, the shores of American Riviera, UC Santa Barbara in California saw a huge marine creature washing over. It was a weird fish about 7-foot long and supposed to be an extremely rare species. Researchers came in to collect tissue samples and take close up pictures of the species. Is Doomsday Arriving? Sightings of Rare Oarfish in Japan Raises Fear of Natural Disaster Among Residents (View Pic).

The identity of the fish was later revealed as the hoodwinker sunfish. It is said that the species is so rare that it was the first seen about two years ago in New Zealand. This is just the second spotting of this marine animal. Researchers were thrilled with this discovery. A spokesperson from University of California in Santa Barbara, who collected the samples said, "There are rare finds, and then there are out-of-nowhere, first-ever discoveries that send scientists’ hearts aflutter." The fish has never been seen before in the Northern Hemisphere. Are These The Weirdest Sea Creatures Ever Seen? Russian Photographer Shares Underwater Pictures from Atlantic and They Are Creepy!

Watch Pictures of The Rare Hoodwinker Fish Found on Californian Coast

The existence of this species is a great find to the field of marine life and science because as Murdoch University in Australia called the hoodwinker, first addition to the Mola genus in 125 years! The fish is extremely elusive in nature. It is usually along the waters of southern hemisphere including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Chile.  So spotting one in Southern California is quite shocking. The last time this fish was seen in the Northern hemisphere was around the 1890s! It is not yet clear how it reached so far because there is no discovered population of hoodwinkers yet in the area. There's although a probability that the massive fish could have wandered away.