Emotions control everything we do and if we are able to reverse the system, we can be among the most powerful people in the world. Crypto expert, tehMoonwalkeR believes that emotions play great role in deciding whether you will be successful or not.

"For me being a successful crypto investor is all about emotions, understanding your own emotions and understanding those of others is key," he says.

tehMoonwalkeR says that negative emotions like greed and fear lead a lot of people to failure. He asks, "Why do we run after a project after it already made a 100x? Why don't we take profit while sitting on a fortune? It's all emotions" he himself answers, and explains further that it's important to overcome greed and fear to become successful.

He says, "It is important to distance yourself from your own emotions and evaluate the project with objective metrics, and for profit it's easier to do in steps. Not comfortable selling your whole bag? Just sell 20%. Or take out initial investment, anything to de-risk your investment is key."

According to him, staying objective, positive energy and positive thoughts are important. He suggests everyone to harness the power of positive emotions like excitement, love and passion which are helpful in one's journey towards success.

tehMoonwalkeR has successfully developed a great crypto community on social media and has 135k followers just on Twitter. He also holds the honour of advising and working for top crypto projects like coti, orion protocol, ocean protocol and aave.

tehMoonwalkeR loves to help his followers with tools which provide assistance in judging the prospects of a crypto project. "I give my followers the tools to understand and break down crypto projects, so that they can make a plan for themselves and understand what they are investing in. I don't give investment advice, I just share my passion for crypto and try to give everyone the tools to appreciate it the same way I did," he says.

tehMoonwalkeR has introduced a unique ranking tool recently which helps people identify scams and genuine projects which can become big in the future. "It serves as a map and guide to projects gives a clear and simple ranking. From silver being a solid contender but still very early and risky, to gold more advanced and accomplished, to diamond the very best." he shares.

Currently he is happy to be a part of the crypto revolution and dreams of a world where crypto is fully adopted and not overregulated but appreciated for the wonder it is.