WhatsApp Group Video or Voice Call Made Easier For Groups of 4 or Less; Here's How You Can Start
WhatsApp logo (Photo Credits: Pexels)

WhatsApp messenger is the commonly used app globally as it has free messaging, video calling, voice calling & more. WhatsApp users spend over 2.5 billion minutes every single day and this number has increased even in this ongoing coronavirus pandemic. In this quarantine life social networking is the only way people can connect with their teammates, friends, relatives & closed ones. WhatsApp Forwarded Messages Marked With Two Arrows; Here's What They Indicate.

WhatsApp has made it easier than ever to start a group call, voice call for groups of 4 or less so that WhatsApp users can take its full advantage. The company took Twitter to make this announcement. Some people like to use Facebook Messenger whereas some use Instagram but group calling or voice calling with groups of 4 people is not available in any of these. It's very simple to start a group voice or video call & here's how you can start.

Tap on the WhatsApp app on your smartphone. Then from your group chat tap the video or voice call icon to directly start a call with everyone in the chat. Amid the 2020 coronavirus 21-day India lockdown, Zoom became the most downloaded Android app on Google Play Store which allows video conferencing with at least 10 people together, team meetings & presentations. WhatsApp Forward Message Limit Brought Down to One Chat at Time for Fighting Fake News Amid Coronavirus Pandemic.

Looks like WhatsApp doesn't like to stay behind in this group video / audio calling game & we highly appreciate the effort social networking apps like Zoom, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram are making to help people connect through their Platforms in this social distancing.