Aid From US, Russia, China Set To Reach India As Country Grapples With COVID-19 Cases

INDIA Team Latestly|

Two massive military transport aircraft are on their way to India from the US carrying medical equipment to help in the fight against a deadly second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. The US announced on April 28 it was sending more than $100 million in supplies to India, days after US President Joe Biden promised to step up assistance. Two Russian flights with oxygen concentrators, lung ventilation equipment, bedside monitors, medicines, including Coronavir & other essential pharmaceutical items landed in India. China on April 28 said its medical suppliers were working "overtime" to supply 25,000 oxygen concentrators ordered by traders from Covid-19 hit India amid crippling shortages of hospital beds, essential drugs & the live-saving gas. A consignment of 300 oxygen concentrators along with other medical equipment from Hong Kong reached India on April 29. SpiceXpress, cargo arm of SpiceJet, on April 29 brought 600 oxygen concentrators to Delhi on its flight from Miami in the US. Shipment containing 700 units of oxygen concentrators & 365 ventilators arrived from Ireland as well. Earlier on April 29, another consignment of 120 oxygen concentrators from the United Kingdom reached India.

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